Evening Couture

Exquisite evening dresses

At House of Mania, we don’t just offer bridal gowns. We provide outfits for every social occasion, including matric farewell dresses, debs ball dresses, cocktail and evening wear. In our designs, we aim to capture the exuberance and flirtatiousness in every teenage girl, or the femininity and sensuality of our more mature customers that celebrate romance with an heirloom quality that never goes out of style.

Our gallery pictures showcase beautifully crafted dresses made from a variety of fabrics and textures, with modern flair, trendy necklines, and silhouettes. They offer you exquisite detail in fundamental design, rich appliqué or sparkling embellishments that dazzle in the sun or under lights. The edgy styles are sure to make heads turn and win many compliments once you step onto that dance floor. You can also design your own dress by mixing and matching designs to create your one of a kind dress.